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Your donation helps provide crucial blood tests for those in need, raises awareness about Fragile X Syndrome, and offers treatments, medication, & counseling. Together, we can build a world where everyone gets a chance at a healthy future. Donate now and be part of this vital mission!

 *Fragile X Society is 80G certified.

How Are Funds Utilized?

Donated funds help Fragile X Society – India in a variety of ways.

  1. Testing – Getting a DNA test is the only way to confirm a diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome. Underprivileged families may be unable to pay for a blood test, or travel to a center with the facilities for a Fragile X test. Your donations make it possible for us to support these families with subsidized testing.
  2. Awareness – To meet our goal of reaching every Indian citizen and educating them on Fragile X Syndrome, we must organize various activities, seminars, print materials, and so on.

How to Support Our Cause?


UPI ID: fragilex2023@sbi
Note: Please mention your phone number in the UPI notes/remark so that we can share your 80G certificate for donating.


To make a donation by cheque, please do the following:

– Write your cheque in favour of “Fragile X Society- India”
– Attach a covering letter with your cheque mentioning your name, mobile number, email id and postal address.

Mr. Chandrakant Mistry

My dear friend received immense support from FX Society and after seeing the impact they have, I feel inspired to do my part. I know my contributions will help countless others afflicted with this condition.

Dr. Dipti Chahal

I learned about Fragle X Syndrome through a seminar organised by @fragilexinddia in our medical college final year. Ever since then, I have been contributing regularly to support Fragile X Society in testing and treating children.

Mr. & Mrs. Kumar

In a world filled with many causes that need attention, it’s a privilege to contribute to an organization that stands tall in its integrity and purpose. I urge everyone who comes across this testimonial to consider supporting Fragile X Society India. If not monetary, you contribute your time, resources, or simply spreading the word, every bit counts.

Sharon D'Souza

Donating to Fragile X Society India has been one of the most fulfilling decisions of my life. Over time, I have witnessed firsthand the impactful changes the organization has brought about. Not only do they provide invaluable resources and support for families, but they also invest significantly in raising awareness and educating communities about this genetic condition.

What particularly stands out to me is their genuine commitment to creating a world where every individual with Fragile X Syndrome is understood, cherished, and given the right platforms to shine.